Rise Liberia!

Liberia is the fourth poorest nation in the world. Very few people have what we would consider a ‘job’. So, if a child has parents it would be rare for them to have an income. Add to this the fact that education is only available by way of a school fee. Sponsorship is essential, literally a life-line for a child.

When you sponsor a child or make a donation through Rise Liberia you are helping to build a foundation into a young person’s life that will literally affect a life-time. Your sponsorship will assure that your child will receive a consistent education, a school uniform, school supplies, a teacher and a school community, curriculum, and an opportunity to grow, spirit, soul & body, through our Rise Liberia School Strategy.  In other words, prepared to contribute real-world skills to develop themselves and their nation.


Project Second Floor

With the ground-floor phase of our school building completed, we now look forward to the challenge of raising funds for Project Second Floor, with a target of $15,000.00. Meanwhile, our sponsors consistently support over 50 students. Add to all of that, the Rise Liberia food distribution program has literally been a God-send to many families in the... read more

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