Walking Together


Walking Together

Walking TogetherToday I had the privilege of experiencing first hand the challenges our teachers face in our Rise Liberia school.  I had a story time with each class, from the 5th/6th grade class to the Nursery class.  

There was great enthusiasm for the stories, with some classes clapping after every page.  We also had some good discussions about innnovation, creativity and kindness.  All of this is done at highest volume though, as you are striving to be heard above the enthusiasm of every other class and student in the school!  

I was glad when recess came and I could spend some time with the students outside.  

Walking TogetherWe also had the opportunity to walk over to the section of land that Pastor Washington has for the school to use for agriculture.  It is beautiful land, and it was lovely to see some of the vegetables already growing.  

The children always love an opportunity to have their picture taken, especially if they can then get a peek- just like our kids in America! 

We even got to see a bit of a soccer game in the school yard before everyone went back to classes, and we switched gears to begin interviewing our sponsored students.  

Walking TogetherInterviewing the students is giving us an opportunity to get to know the kids of Rise Liberia on a more individual level, and that is a blessing.  We look forward to sharing the interviews and pictures with sponsors when we are home.

Our day came to a close with our second Revival Meeting, and oh what joyful worship we shared.  

Walking TogetherNow to rest up for another full day tomorrow! 

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