The Burden is Light


The Burden is Light

The Burden is LightThese moments, right here, are what this is all about!

Today we met with many of our sponsored students here in Liberia, including Tata, who our family sponsors.  It was so good to hear from them, though it’s hard not to be stiff in front of the cameras.  Seeing their smiles and starting to break through those formalities to get to know their hearts made today such a bright time.  

Most of the school day was spent with our students, and then in the afternoon we met as the Rise Liberia team again, adjusting vision and strategy as we worked to define our goals and what success means to us.  It is a blessing to work with this team, who so clearly share a genuine love for the children of Liberia and for education.  

The Burden is LightThis evening I spoke at the meeting and shared the joy and rest found in Jesus’ invitation to come.   The burden He gives us is light when we are yoked to Him, and allow Him to carry the weight with us.  This is how I feel tonight, the burden on my heart for Liberia is a joy to carry because I know that He shares it.

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