The Blessings Of FREEDOM


The Blessings Of FREEDOM

On behalf of the Rise Liberia Oversight Team here in Queensbury, NY., I send greetings to you on this day when we celebrate our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and we note that these are not earned by human endeavor, but as a gift from God. So… ‘HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY’ to you and yours.

In Liberia, also…

The children of our Rise Liberia Academy will also be celebrating their Liberian Independence during this month, and their celebrations will be all the more joyful because of your ongoing support.

All is going well at the academy as they work hard at their academic studies, adding to that the new project of manufacturing soap - the first of our projects to prosper small business principles in the hearts and minds of the students. So, THANK YOU for your loving support of Rise Liberia. The years ahead are brighter for our students and the blessings of freedom and independence all the more attainable because of your support.

A Message from Bill Davidson
Coordinator: Rise Liberia

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