Tackling the Challenges Together


Tackling the Challenges Together

Tackling the Challenges TogetherToday we had a very productive time with the teachers here on this Rise Liberia trip.  We spent some time hearing from them about the challenges they face in the school and their priorities.

It was so good to come together to strategize and look for solutions in the here and now as we work towards the larger vision, and make decisions about first steps.  

After we spent some time on teaching strategies that could be put into place immediately, and joined together in prayer for our school, we went outside for a fun photo shoot.

In addition to a really powerful time tonight, hearing God’s word shared by John and blessing the children, one of our favorite moments was shared in the schoolyard during recess.  The kids gathered around and sang us a song.  We will look forward to sharing the video when we are home!

Tackling the Challenges Together Tackling the Challenges Together

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