Spring Report 2023


Spring Report 2023


No, it’s not quite Eden, but the 6 acre plot of land that now belongs to Rise Liberia, which will one day house our school, faculty housing, sports fields, farm and clinic, is already blessed with trees bearing coconuts, oranges, pineapples, mangos, avocado and one very special plant, and Moringa, a plant used to boost the immune system - which costs thousands from Pharma in the U.S. God knows what He’s doing!


There are dozens of children in Frank Town, a community just 30 miles outside Monrovia, but a world of difference. You can view our latest videos online at You can see these children standing in the doorway of the abandoned schoolhouse in their village (Above). Most of them are entirely uneducated - but not for long. The next Rise Liberia school will be launched in Frank Town this September.

Uniforms, Curriculum, Finding Faculty & More

Starting a school ‘from scratch’ reminds us of the early days of our foray into Liberia when schools had nothing, and we bought the first pieces of chalk. Although it’s different now it’s still a challenge - spiritually, practically, & financially - and dependent on prayerful supporters - from people like you!


School BuildingOur priority now is to renovate that abandoned schoolhouse and the toilet facilities immediately behind the school. We’ll need around $3,800.00 to complete this and thankfully, we’re halfway there. If you go to the GIVING STORE, you’ll see practical ways by which you can help. Thank you!


Donut MakingThe Rise Liberia Campus in Frank Town will house a school, sports fields, agricultural programs, a teacher-training center, a clinic, and lots of room in the sun for visiting teams to organize VBS-style programs, soccer camps, building teams, Wow! the mind boggles.

In the meantime, our academy in Monrovia continues to thrive, with wonderful students, loving & skilled teachers, and work-training programs like the bakery and soap-making (Above) Please join us in support of these amazing people - teachers and children - as they step beyond their dreams into God’s gracious plans. Become a sponsor, a sustaining donor, a prayer supporter.

Enjoy a new song dedicated to the Children of Frank Town

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