Introduction to Liberia

It’s always interesting to know the background to a nation, especially how it was born. And that’s definitely the case with Liberia.  So, for those who may never travel with us, here’s an introduction giving glimpses of Liberia’s capital, Monrovia.  Plenty here to learn and fuel for prayer.

From The Foundation to The Academy

Sitting out back of Our Father’s Church in the Duala region of Monrovia was a foundation. It lay there for years as an act of faith, just waiting for God’s time and His provision. In this video you’ll see how that foundation faith has given birth to a wonderful two-story academy.

Learning to Learn

We’ve come a long way from the days when we bought the first pieces of chalk for a Liberian school, and students sat crowded together on benches, watching a teacher write on the blackboard (or any available flat surface).  See how Sarah Olson, a literacy and teacher-librarian in the Lake George school here in NY, and Kellie Girling, Principal of The King’s School in Lake Luzerne, NY., and a literacy and English teacher, tackle the task of taking students and faculty in to the ‘next levels’ of education.  

Jobs and businesses are rare in Liberia, so it’s exciting to see the first results of our job/business-skills training through soap-making and a tasty bakery.

Finding Frank Town

All of us at Rise Liberia, both here in New York and in Liberia are excited about our new challenges as God opens the doors to a land-purchase and the resurrection of an abandoned school in a village of uneducated children.

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