Rich in Relationship


Rich in Relationship

Rich in RelationshipToday was a blessed day, full of rich relationship and connection.  We started the day in the school, observing the classes and soaking in the presence of these precious children.

As I stood in the midst of the cacophony of children learning I was overwhelmed by the potential and eagerness of their hearts and minds.  Although there are many challenges ahead I am encouraged by what God is doing here at this beautiful school.  

Chief among the challenges is the need for more space, as classes are separated only by chalkboards, requiring teachers and students to shout above the class next to them to be heard.  As of now, the school is meeting within the church, and doing the very best with what they have, but a designated space will allow them to grow in so many ways.

Rich in RelationshipAfter the students went home we met with the Rise Liberia Management team and had a very fruitful time sharing vision and strategizing about the way forward.  We discussed curriculum and innovation as well as finances and administration.  This is a strong team with a great balance of gifts and personality.  

I will be sure to get a good picture of the team in the coming days, but for now I will leave you with one of my favorite images from the day- a kindergarten student coming forward to giver her answer.   What you can’t hear is the round of applause her classmates gave.  Pure joy!

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