Project First Floor


Project First Floor


A Real School Building!

Our Sponsorship program has already transformed the lives of our students by giving them text books, desks and writing materials.

Now it’s time for the next giant step. Our School needs a real & permanent home!

Our building Team will be in Liberia this month to begin the construction of the 1st Floor of our Rise Liberia Academy. This releases our students from their ply-board, pole, and tin structure, (see below) into a strong, dry building. Construction materials are not cheap in Monrovia and the purchase of concrete mix, stone, forms, rods & block will challenge our limited resources.

Are you able to turn this coming season into a genuine ‘Thanks-GIVING’?

A donation of any size will be a great help. Join with friends to prayerfully consider how you can change the future for children in the one of the poorest nations on earth.

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