New Year Update 2021


New Year Update 2021

After a year of trials in both the physical and political realms, it is good to focus our minds on the underlying truth that God reigns over the nations; and through Him we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for His name, among whom you also are the called of Jesus Christ; (Psalm 47:8, Romans 1:5-6). The year ahead is tinged with hope - the promise of a new dawn - we will win through, by God’s grace.

Thank you for your faithful support. We say it often - and if you ever visit Liberia you will know why - that your support goes way beyond what a mere ‘thank you’ can express.

More ‘pole & tin’ classrooms have been erected… but these will only stay until we complete the new school building. The 2nd floor is about to be built and we plan a November Dedication. With the New Year comes the time to assess our capabilities and plan for the coming months. We have reached our ‘Project Second Floor’ goal of fifteen thousand dollars. Now we will work toward financing the roof and the completion of the academy. God’s provision through His generous people is so encouraging.

For those who give their sponsorship annually, please check your renewal date to ‘re-up’ your sponsorship. If you are ever unable to continue your support please let us know so we can inform our team on the ground in Monrovia.

God bless you! Your support is appreciated more than you can know, or we can express. You are Givers of Life & Hope.

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