June 2021 Newsletter


June 2021 Newsletter


During the pandemic we have waited on reports from the World Health Organizations (WHO) for news of Covid cases in Liberia. At the time of writing, there are 2142 confirmed cases and 85 deaths since January 2020. That sounds comparatively good. However, in a nation such as Liberia, so much can go unreported and untreated. Our prayer support for our Liberian families is essential, as always.


Throughout 2021, by God’s grace, our school and support staff have worked hard to see the stages of construction completed for our Rise Liberia Academy building. The second floor is under final construction. The roof will follow soon. The faithful and generous donations of our sponsors and supporters have made this possible. However, the project is not the goal - we must always look to the day when, for the first time in their lives, our students and staff-members will be working in a safe, lighted, fresh environment - conducive to teaching and learning. Thank you! Our Liberian families are overjoyed at your encouragement and support.

Mr & Miss Rise Liberia!

The annual Gala Week celebrations at the Rise Liberia Academy were highlighted by the election of  Mr & Miss Rise Liberia; namely, Jenna Johnson & Jaures Debayou. Congratulations to both!


Living through crisis is a daily experience for Liberians, and whatever comes along is in the context of abject poverty. Their abiding faith in God and their determination to see a generation raised up to another level gives them genuine hope! And YOU contribute to that hope in a great way. So, join the the grateful celebrations. It’s Gala Week at the Rise Liberia

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