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Capital Projects:  Can you donate into one of these projects?

New School Building  -  Over 100 students in our school meet in a single room. Behind that is a foundation, ready and waiting for a new school building.  Donate by purchasing blocks today.

The Well  -  A well sits In the forecourt of the school property. It’s open to the school and the general public but needs serious maintenance to ensure the health & safety of the water.

Curriculum  -  Imagine being in school, but never having a textbook or reading material. It’s a this basic level that life is being transformed for the students by our Rise Liberia projects. Purchase teacher resources today.

And so much more  -  whether you sponsor a student, join a visiting team, help with a capital project, or donate to curriculum needs, you are helping children in the 4th poorest nation to rise, by God’s grace and into His plans for their lives.  On their behalf, we thank you!

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Student Sponsorship

At present, Rise Liberia Sponsors are supporting 50 students. That was our initial goal. There are, however, more students in our school who desperately need help. Contact us if you’re moved to support.

Get the facts about sponsorship

When you sponsor a child through Rise Liberia you are not only investing in that child’s young life, you are making a major contribution to a ripple effect.  One Liberian prospering in education and Christian character influences countless people within his/her circle.

Your sponsorship will assure that your child will receive a consistent education, school uniform, school supplies, a teacher, curriculum, and an opportunity to grow, spirit, soul & body, through our Rise Liberia School Strategy.  In other words, they’ll to be prepared to contribute real-world skills to develop themselves and their nation.

You will be that child’s only sponsor, so, by all means, supplement your financial support with prayers, letters, and family photos.  You are becoming a valuable part of that child’s life, so feel free to make your sponsor-child a part of yours.

Sponsorship through Rise Liberia offers you the opportunity of staying with your child all the way through the grades and even into college.  However, we understand that your circumstances can change, so there will be an annual renewal process which allows for flexibility. This will also be the case if the situation of your sponsored child changes. If this happens you will be informed immediately and we hope you will be willing to care for another child.  Be assured, we do not expect to run out of needy Liberian children and your new sponsorship will signify an important part of our ongoing work together.

Sponsorship is not just a case of sending money.  We hope you will take this opportunity to develop a real relationship with your child, so feel free to write letters and send photos of you and your family. However, correspondence must be sent to us at Rise Liberia. Never attempt to send letters or gifts directly.  They will disappear long before arriving at their intended destination.

Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I’m helping?

Yes. You will be the sole sponsor of your child. That’s why your prayers and support will mean so much to your sponsored child. Even if you choose to sponsor a child as a family or a group (for example, a youth group, Sunday school class, or Cell Group), the child you help will still be relating to your family or group as his or her only sponsor.

How long should my child sponsorship last?

Rise Liberia’s child sponsorship offers you the opportunity to stay with a child for a number of years, usually through the school year during which the child completes High School.

If your circumstances change, and you wish to discontinue your sponsorship we ask that you notify us in good time so we can make alternative plans.

If your sponsored child’s circumstances change we will inform you as quickly as possible.  We won’t run out of needy children in Liberia - at least for the foreseeable future - so we’ll be able to quickly transfer your support to another child in need of your help. We are sure you understand that the children with whom we are working live in desperately difficult circumstances. You are joining us in the battle to give them hope through stability. But the realities in which they live bring with them challenges which force change. With your ongoing commitment we will be able to transition your support to another child.

Will I be able to send letters or gifts to my child?

Developing a relationship between you and your sponsored child, beyond the valuable support of your sponsorship, will be very helpful and encouraging. So we suggest that you write letters to your student, send photos of you and your family, and tell them about your life and why you decided to support them. However, because we know the special challenges of life in Africa, it is best that these messages are not sent ‘direct’ - between sponsor and student - nor should contact be made ‘directly’ from the student to you or your home.

Please understand that everyone your student knows and comes in contact with in Liberia is poor and very needy, and we do not want to allow your willingness to participate in this ministry to become an open door for multiple requests for ‘help’.

It is important for sponsors to note that in Liberia, it is culturally acceptable to openly ask for gifts from other people, especially from Westerners who - they truly believe - have an unending supply of money! While that is understandable, it is contrary to our goals in Liberia to create a generation of people dependent on the charity of westerners in order to survive. And be aware that you and your family are probably already ‘available’ for contact through FaceBook and other media, so please walk wisely with us in these matters.

As you already know, our longterm goals can only be achieved when Liberians have the tools needed to provide for themselves and their society. For these reasons, we have instructed the students not to ask for specific gifts from their sponsors. Be assured that all of your sponsored student's basic needs are being met, and at a standard that far exceeds expectations for their area. And, with your help, we will steadily work to provide even more items and opportunities to the students as Rise Liberia continues through the years.

The best way to manage this is for you to send messages via our email contact at We will print out your message and either send them on in email form to our team in Monrovia, or - if a trip is imminent - we can deliver it by hand. If you'd like to send something handwritten to your student, mail it to Rise Liberia, 685 Bay Road, Queensbury, NY 12804.